UDUR St. Moritz - History

During a summer vacation in Italy the scent of Elba was discovered. The entrepreneur Eveline Fasser Testa was inspired and developed the concept. In St.Moritz there are many different souvenirs to take home: visual memories, culinary taste experiences, pictures and a lot of other reminders of St. Moritz. However, there was nothing that addressed the scent and created the emotional link to St. Moritz reminding visitors of their unique and unforgettable journey to the beautiful town and valley.

In cooperation with the perfumer Geza Schön, the entrepreneur developed the first fragrance INVIERN. Inviern is the Romanic word for "winter". The fragrance of St. Moritz INVIERN takes you away to a fresh winter day in the mountains. This scent is available as a room scent with rattan sticks, as well as a candle.


Perfumer Geza Schön is considered a rebel and revolutionary in the world of fragrances - and not only in his native Germany. His radical creations ignore the classic fragrance pyramid as well as the constraints of the market or industry. They have not only changed the perception of fragrances, but also the way they are created: in 2002, he went into business for himself as a perfumer. Geza Schön lives and works in Berlin.

From the very beginning, the idea was to create a fragrance line for ST. MORITZ was to be created. The second fragrance ENGIADINA followed in the summer of 2015 and is inspired by a summer hike in the mountains.

The room fragrance line was complemented in 2021 with perfumes for each season. Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm created the new fragrances PRÜMAVAIRA (spring), STED (summer) and UTUON (autumn). INVIERN was also revised again by Andreas to match the three new fragrances.

For the new collection, the best is well used: the sustainable essences come from Switzerland and so does the creator of the fragrances. Andreas was inspired by Engadine nature and the seasons: Swiss stone pine, mountain spruce, gentian, juniper bushes, violets, chestnuts and the lush mountain meadows flowed into his creations.

Perfumer Andreas Wilhelm is a free spirit, he loves life, to laugh but rather, he is a perfumer - and that with body and soul! He opened his own studio in 2008 to follow his passion for fragrances with Wilhelm Perfume. Today, Andreas channels all his professional know-how and creative vision in dealing with fragrances into each of his projects. Andreas Wilhelm lives and works in Zurich.