FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions UDUR St. Moritz

Are the sticks supplied directly with the diffuser or do I have to order them separately?
When you order a diffuser, the sticks are automatically included in the diffuser price. 


Which diffuser size is suitable for which room size and how long does the fragrance last?

Diffuser size Room size fragrance duration
100ml 10m² approx. 1 month
500ml 40m² approx. 6 months


Can the liquid discolor? 

Yes, the natural ingredients, such as some woods, can discolour in conjunction with light. This is a natural process which has no influence on the quality of the products.


How long do the candles burn?

The candle 300g has a burning time of approx. 60h


Where are the products manufactured? 

The room fragrances and room sprays are produced in Switzerland and carefully filled by hand.

The candles are produced in Northern Italy, are made of vegetable waxes, with a wick made of lead-free cotton and selected fragrances of high quality.