UDUR St.Moritz

UDUR St. Moritz room fragrance line with perfumes for every season. PRÜMAVAIRA (spring), STED (summer) and UTUON (autumn) join the well-known INVIERN (winter).

Only the best is good enough for the new collection: the sustainable essences come from Switzerland and the creator of the fragrances is Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. He was inspired by Engadine nature and the seasons for the new room fragrances: Swiss stone pine, mountain spruce, gentian, juniper bushes, violets, chestnuts and the lush mountain meadows flowed into the perfumes. All fragrances are available as room fragrances, room sprays and scented candles.

INVIERN, PRÜMAVAIRA, STED and UTUON mean winter, spring, summer and autumn in the Rhaeto-Romanic language. The local culture and language are carried out into the world with the UDUR St. Moritz products and the connection to St. Moritz and the uniqueness of the product are underlined. The new perfumes were developed and produced by Andreas Wilhelm in Switzerland.