UDUR St.Moritz - INVIERN room fragrance 100ml / 500ml

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The inspiration for the "INVIERN" fragrance was taken by perfumer Geza Schön in the St. Moritz winter, on long walks through snowy landscapes and forests, on the ski slopes and in the village of St. Moritz. Inviern means „winter“ in our local language Romanish. The scent of St. Moritz INVIERN is the freshness of a cold winter day in the mountains

INVIERN home fragrance; St. Moritz winter fragrance from gentian - juniper - pine wood

Available in 2 sizes (100ml / 500ml) in blue gift box incl. 9 rattan sticks.

The room fragrances are carefully bottled by hand and produced in Switzerland. 

Shipping outside Switzerland on request.